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Has anyone dragged Pharell for his musical aesthetics?

Ive been saying hes been lame for the past three years for like six months now

Yeah, what’s weird for me is that the music is entertaining….

But y’all okay with Janelle monae stupid ass running around in a maid uniform all the time.
I can’t.

A maid uniform?

Yes this child has said publicly that she dresses like that because she used to be a maid and something about her roots
And I’m like chile, your roots are in Africa not as a maid. I feel like she sends way the wrong message

I recall her saying something along the line of supporting the blue collar working class but you bring up an interesting point.

Jonelle should’ve been promoted following the Clive Davis/ Whitney Houston or old Motown model. Black woman as queen or princess.




Recorded on Jay-Z’s iPhone. No amped mic, no reverb. JUST Bey.


She sang that song. Will reblog this every time

I sure will Bey anytime

Jay has the same video recording skills as my dad haha

I will never ever get tired of this. Gives me chills.


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yall sell magnums?

OMG I would have straight shot this fool. Triggers, sexual harassment and inappropriate.

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If a guy says hi to me I say hello how are you and I walk pass.

If he says you look nice I’ll smile and say thank you.

But if a nigga gets on some other disrespectful shit I say “stop talking to me” or I straight up ignore them.

It’s not hard for me, because I will mace a out of pocket nigga in a second. But I realize that’s just me.

Everybody don’t think like that. Everybody can’t do that.

Same except for the mace.




The Daily Show | March 25th 2014 [x]

Reblogging because I was very vulnerable at this moment when I revealed that I have size 11 feet like Paris Hilton. 

big footed sisterhood stand up! I’ll never forget one of my friends made fun of Paris for wearing a size 11 and how humiliated I felt. Now we’re everywhere!

I’m laughing at size 11 because Atleast you can somewhT find shoes at 11. When you wear a 12 or 13 life really gets hard

Barefoot Tess right here in Bmore.

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